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Warranty Information

Expressway Signs only uses materials backed up with a Manufacturer’s written warranty. This ensures that our customers have piece of mind.


Expressway Signs and Printworks’ Image Perfect products are backed by Spandex’s Total Warranty System programme. It ensures Express Way Signs clients, when using recommended Image Perfect Digital materials, will be warranted for the life of the graphic. With Image Perfect Digital products you can be assurred that you are receiving quality products backed by a warranty that you can trust.



Expressway Signs and Printworks’ Arlon products are backed by Arlon’s Total Warranty System (TWS) program. It provides you with a guarantee that when using recommendedArlon the life of the graphic. With Arlon products you can products together they will be warranted for be assured you are getting quality products backed by a warranty that you can trust. Arlon’s TWS has you covered.
Visit the Arlon website for more information


Expressway Signs and Printworks’ products  are backed by Industry leading Avery (ICS) Warranty program, providing you with the confidence that our products will provide the best performance.
Visit the Avery website for more information.

For further information on specific product warranties please see the below links:

Banner Material:
3 Year – Avery MPI4130

Digital Vinyl:
5-7 Years – Spandex IP2518

Digital Vinyl Over Laminate:
7 Years – Spandex IP2810

Vehicle Wraps:
5-7 Years – Spandex DPF6000

Coloured Vinyl:
7 Years – Arlon Series 2100

Translucent Vinyl:
7 Years – Arlon Series 2500

Poster Paper:
Spandex IP2405

Composite Aluminium:
4 Years – Aluclad

10 Years – Perspex

2 Years – Digital print by Expressway Signs

Available upon request

ICS Performance Guarantee


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