Yes. But care needs to be taken because if you make a mistake you will need to order more vinyl from us. More often then not, it is not worth the risk unless you have done it successfully before.

If you want to try it yourself, start by cleaning the surface being applied to thoroughly and then use slightly soapy water sprayed onto the surface to assist in applying the sticker successfully. Locate your sticker in the correct position and orientation (the water will allow you to move the sticker). Leave the application paper in place for about 30 minutes, or until the area is dry, and then carefully peel it away.


Vinyl has largely replaced paint in the sign industry because it is much more versatile. It can be machine or hand cut so your lettering or image can be cut precisely with good, sharp edges. It is also much faster than traditional painting, which means a more efficient and more cost effective product for you.

Bleed is where an object overlaps the trim of a page by a specified amount. A standard amount is typically 5mm. Since the bleed area will be trimmed off during finishing, you should keep text and other important information at least 6mm from the trim. If your project has photos or graphics that extend to the edge of the page, it must be setup by one of our designers.

This depends completely on the type of signage and the location. The UV index in the area where Expressway Signs & Printworks operates is very high. It is therefore necessary to use superior materials and over laminate. Expressway Signs & Printworks always use quality materials matched with the appropriate over laminate. This ensures that the sign can maintain its youth for the maximum amount of time. A lot of other companies don’t over laminate due to the cost and because there is a chance of delamination if it is not done correctly. Expressway Signs & Printworks uses the latest equipment with experienced staff to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Alucobond is a composite product consisting of a thin layer of aluminium on each side of a polyethylene core. The polyethylene core is what gives the material its flexibility and reduced weight. The aluminium on each side is coated to allow for digital printing. This material is vastly superior to traditional sign white (colourbond) panelling. Expressway Signs & Printworks uses a 0.15mm skin thickness on general signage and 0.3mm on architectural. Both materials come with product warranties. People should be wary of other companies using similar material. It is common practise for the aluminium skin thickness to be reduced to less then 0.15mm. This material is cheaper, has no product guarantee and is easily susceptible to damage.

One of the great questions… At Expressway Signs & Printworks we firmly believe that “There is a sign for every budget.” During the design stage we can take your ideas and wishes, couple them with our knowledge of design and materials and can often provide you with the sign you desire at a fraction of the cost with just a few subtle material or design changes.

However, this is a very misunderstood industry. Most signs are custom fabricated by hand by very skilled craftsman. Each sign is custom built for you and is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This should not be considered a “cost” but an investment in your business and your livelihood. You will be investing in outdoor advertising of your business name 24 hours a day and 365 days a year! Proven to be more economical than any other form of advertising.

Most signs, such as printed panels, banners, vehicle and window lettering, magnetic signs, and trade show related products require a 1-3 day turnaround. We are often even quicker. Larger projects, such as electrical storefront signs, monument signs, etc. do require a longer fabrication time and generally take 2-4 weeks from the permit and artwork approvals. Either way, all signs provided by Expressway Signs & Printworks are custom built and require appropriate fabrication time to ensure the highest possible quality.

Any drawings prepared by Expressway Signs & Printworks are owned by Expressway Signs & Printworks. This includes, but isn’t limited to proposals, drafts and finished art.

Yes. Like any industry, the signage industry has its regulations. Always insist that your sign manufacturer and installation team have the necessary Work Cover and Public Liability insurance.

Yes and no. if there is an existing sign already in place we can normally replace it without permits. Also if the sign is on your own property or on your own building, in most instances you don’t need a permit. However, we always advise that it is better to be safe then sorry. Expressway Signs & Printworks can obtain the necessary permits on your behalf from Council. Our staff will prepare all required plans & attend any required review board meetings. Our experienced sales and design staff will explain to you all the necessary details and procurement costs involved.

Yes. Please see the Artwork Guidelines. Depending on the file, additional artwork charges may apply. We will let you know up front if this applies to your specific project. Because we run a large variety of graphic-specific programs, one good thing to keep in mind is..”If you are not able to open it on your computer, that is probably the file we need.” This just means that you probably do not have the necessary program installed on your computer.

Just give us a call! We will arrange a convenient time to meet you at your place of business or ours. One of our knowledgeable sales people will survey your location, explain possible council regulations, and go over in detail the various possibilities and costs of the many different types of signs we offer. There is never a charge for this service!

We manufacture a wide variety of signs. For full information please see the products section. If you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to ask. Chances are we have already built many of the signs you are looking for.

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