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Colour Change Wraps – Non Business Customers

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Paint Colour Change Wraps

Vehicle wraps are an effective way to personalise a truck, van, or car. With our colour change wraps, we’ll give your vehicle a new look while preserving the appearance and integrity of the original paint. Not only is a wrap cheaper than a paint job, but it also protects a car or truck’s resale value.

Read on to learn more about this easy-care, versatile automotive upgrade.

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Paint or a Colour Change Wrap: Which is Better for Your Vehicle?

In most cases, custom paint jobs are much more expensive than colour change wraps. When cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs are repainted, the factory coat must be removed, which affects the value. However, when we use vinyl wraps to change a vehicle’s colour, we’re protecting the factory paint and preserving it for a future owner.

Call us on 07 4035 4113 or contact us via email here and we’ll get back to you right away!

High-Quality Materials

Our color change wraps are made of vinyl from well-known companies such as Oracal3M, and Avery Dennison. These manufacturers back their products with warranties, and the vinyl sheeting we use was designed for use on vehicles. We know that less expensive materials may damage a vehicle’s delicate finish, so we avoid them in favour of higher quality vinyl.

Wraps in Any Colour

With colour change wraps, the options are endless. We can create a wrap in any colour imaginable, and we achieve those shades in one of two ways. First, our customers can choose from a wide selection of vinyl sheeting that’s manufactured in certain colours.

Compared to customised shades, these options are typically more vibrant and affordable. However, choices are limited by manufacturer availability. We frequently get requests for matte black, carbon fiber, gunmetal gray, pearl white, matte white, and metallic red.

Custom colours are another great option we’re proud to offer. Using our advanced large-format digital printer, we can create a wrap in any color. Because the process involves extra steps, it may cost a bit more, but the colour match will be exact. Call today to discuss our color change wrap manufacturing options.

Are Solid Colours the Only Way to Go?

Though most of our colour change wraps are done in a single colour, they don’t have to be boring. Many of our corporate customers request these wraps with lettering or graphics for increased brand awareness. For your next project, we can combine colours or create customised graphics.

Contact Us Today for More Details

Color change wraps can give any vehicle a new and improved look, and in some cases, they can become the face of a brand. We’d like to show you how our vehicle wraps can get viewers’ attention for years to come. Contact the knowledgeable, friendly experts today for a no-obligation consultation and design estimate or visit us online to request additional information.

Call us on 07 4035 4113 or contact us via email here and we’ll get back to you right away!

Note – Vinyl wraps are not a substitute for a poor paint finish on your vehicle. If your vehicles existing paint surface is not in a good state then EWS accepts no liability for adhesion issues. Talk to us about what is and isn’t possible with vinyl wraps.

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