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Slimline Light Boxes

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Expressway Signs Cairns supply a wide range of energy-saving, illuminated LED Slimline Light boxes at either set “standard” sizing (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4) or as “custom” size Slimline Light boxes. It is always more cost effective to buy a Slimline Light box from the “standard” range which means that the Slimline Light box takes a regular size Poster Print.

Our LED Slimline Light boxes are manufactured to the highest quality, offering the best solutions for LED illuminating promotional posters, graphics and signs.  Slimline Light boxes from Expressway Signs have even light distribution, robust build quality and long lasting LED lighting as standard.

The new player in the light box display market is edge-lit or slimline technology. These terms refer to light boxes which operate by means of an LED light source applied directly to the edge of an internal acrylic panel, the front surface of which illuminates due to a matrix pattern printed on that surface.

These matrix patterns are the crucial element in the effectiveness of Slimline Light boxes. The LED light that is introduced into the acrylic panel is reflected by the pattern and exits the panel via the front face, thus illuminating any poster or graphics placed on that face. Effective light patterns operate using algorithms that have been calculated to distribute the light evenly across the panel. In essence these patterns reflect less light near the edge of the acrylic panel, where the light source is applied and light levels are at their highest, and more light at the center of the panel where levels are at their lowest. Without an effective diffusion pattern the perimeters of the acrylic panel would be brightest, whilst the center would be dim. It’s for this reason that not all Slimline Light boxes are created equal.

Buy from a trusted supplier and ensure you’re getting a quality Slimline Light box product and graphic display solution that can take your products to new heights

Call us on 07 4035 4113 or contact us via email here and we’ll get back to you right away!

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