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Rear Window Graphics

From $270 + GST. Designed & Installed.

We call this product “one way vision”.

Let us know the make and model of your car and we’ll get back to you straight away with a quote for Design, Supply and Installation at our Cairns Based Factory.

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This particular product goes by many names.  Perforated Window Film, Rear Window Graphics, One Way Vision.  What’s more important then the product name is the functionality. This product is specifically designed to allow vision from the inside to the outside and not the other way round.  However, certain light conditions will influence how the product works.  The most useful application is on the rear windows of vehicles.  Vehicles are always in a “low light level” condition relative to the outside and therefore the Perforated Window Film or (One Way Vision Film) operates near perfectly, allowing the driver to still drive safely while advertising at the same time.

  • High grade UV digitally printed
  • Turns your vehicle into a rolling billboard for your business!

Please note – if we are putting one-way vision onto your rear window and you have a rear wiper blade this will be removed during the installation process and will be left in your car. It’s important that you do not reinstall this wiper blade whilst the one-way vision is present on the rear window. Doing so may cause friction to the one-way vision media which may cause marking or scratches. It is a simple job to reinstall the wiper blade if the one-way vision is removed at a later date.

Please note – certain rear windows with a slope/angle will prove more difficult to view through the rear mirror then a rear window that is vertical. This is due to the material itself, and is unavoidable and is at the customer’s discretion.  We generally recommend not to install one way vision graphics onto windows that have an angle of greater than 45 degrees.

We have completed thousands of installations of this signage type to vehicle windows and office windows.

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