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Expressway Signs clients can expect very high quality results for their work. Laser Etching, engraving, traditional v cut engraving and other modern CNC effects, depths and crosses are all available across a wide range of substrate including; anodised aluminium, stainless steel, trafolyte, Plastic, Brass and much more including timber.

Perfect for:

  • Sporting clubs
  • Government building facilities
  • Plaques and switchboards

Works well with:

We can engrave onto a variety of materials. We can also manufacture polished hardwood backing plinths to compliment your sign.

BRASS A wonderful traditional material for making engraved plates. It is suited to both internal and external use, although, if used externally it will require regular cleaning to prevent tarnishing.

ANODISED ALUMINIUM Particularly suited for manufacturing engraved plates where a more modern look is required. The anodised finish makes it especially good for external applications as it will not tarnish.

COMPOSITE ALUMINIUM When engraved this material has a black underlay. This is material is very useful both indoors and outdoors where a metallic look is required but the budget may be too low for aluminium or Stainless Steel.

RIGID PLASTIC LAMINATE Ideal material for all internal applications and some external applications, where a very hard wearing sign is required. These signs are ideal for safety signs and warning notices. They provide a professional looking finish.

STAINLESS STEEL This highly durable weather resistant material is equally at home indoors or out. It is particularly suited for chemical etching which does not ‘bite’ into the material as deeply as mechanical engraving but produces a high quality reproduction of fine line detail that cannot be matched by any other engraving process.

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