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Due to the variable nature of this product, it's best if we discuss your requirements first. Give us a call on 07 4035 4113 or contact us via email here and we'll get back to you right away!

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Our Cairns Boat Wrap Company, Expressway Signs, leads the industry in eXwraps vinyl boat wraps. From design and quality, to professional installation, we deliver superior boat wraps.  eXwraps vinyl wraps offer boats, vehicles, trucks, and more, a cost effective way to protect and customise the look and feel of your marine vessel or road vehicle. And we also supply and install Rego numbers.

As the vinyl wrap industry has evolved and grown, the materials and options have progressed in ways that make wrapping your boat, truck, car and even your storefront a preferred method for both customisation and marketing. While many are familiar with the vinyl wrap technology, many still are not. The majority of people aware or not of what can be done with vinyl, do not realise the versatility vinyl wraps offer, nor the level of customisation they provide.

We’ve set out to create a whole division on wrapping specific to boats and watercraft. eXwraps Boat wraps offer so many advantages over painting or gel coat, and are really becoming more and more popular among captains, fisherman, racers, businesses and more. eXwraps has detailed boat wrap techniques and methods that produce an end product that stands apart from other installers. Our lasting, high quality wraps, professional boat wraps are why our clients stay with us, recommend us, and will only use us.

Cairns is surrounded by water and water enthusiasts. From recreational sailing, to sports fishing and cruising the beautiful ocean waters in a yacht, the Cairns waters offer something for everyone. Being we are surrounded by the ocean, boats and boat owners are all around us. If you own a boat and your boat has begun to fade, or you need your fishing team logo added to the side of your boat, what is it that you think to do? Have you even thought about a boat wrap? Are you familiar with all that they offer, from UV protection, to hull protection and customization?

eXwraps boat wrap allows for full customisation of your boat or marine vessel. With a few factors that make it a superior choice to paint, a full wrap, partial boat wrap, or even custom boat graphics can quickly change the color and look of your boat, while offering protection at the same time.

Call us on 07 4035 4113 or contact us via email here and we’ll get back to you right away!

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