Every print that comes off of our digital printers is laminated unless specifically requested by the client. We do this to ensure the print is protected from UV light when used outside, and solvents when used inside. It’s because of this manufacturing process that our signs look better and last longer.

  • Lamination ensures the print is protected from UV light when used outdoors
  • Provides protection from solvents for indoor signs.
  • Lamination increase visual appeal and longevity of the job, complementing existing print technologies and associated inks and materials.
  • Enables you to clean and wash or wipe down your signages.
  • Lamination can add Enhanced Effects if required.
  • Lamination can reduce glare on posters and displays when used in areas with lots of light.
  • Floor Displays are laminated to add a non-skid surface and protect the image from extreme traffic.
  • Textured Coverings add a unique feel and touch to your wall covering.
  • The lamination will protect the print and can give your signage a high quality glossy finish if required.
  • They are also water and dirt resistant so can be used in wet or dirty environments.

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