Introducing Nadia… 1/ Name Nadia 2/ Position- Graph…

Introducing Nadia…
1/ Name Nadia
2/ Position- Graphic Designer
3/ Where are you originally from- Ravenshoe
4/ Which Sports teams do you follow- None
5/ If you could start your own dream business what would it be- photography

6/ What’s your favourite type of food and your favourite restaurant in Cairns – Favourite food is anything I do not have too cook. Restaurant – yet to explore Cairns Restaurants.]

7/ Favourite movie- Romeo and Juliet – Baz

8/ Best Holiday you have been on and where do you dream of going to – Best holiday – travelling overseas. Dream of going to Butterfly Valley in Turkey.

9/ Are you left or right handed- right
10/ Favourite animal- anything that can fly
11/ Do you have any pets? (Pics can be supplied) no

12/ What do you like about work most and your best achievement at work – at work I enjoy the variety of jobs, best achievement yet to happen

13/ Do you have any hobbies – create furniture from recycled wood

14/ What’s your favourite thing to do at the weekends. – go for a bush walk or bush adventure

15/ Favourite Music and best concert you have been to – all the U2 concerts I have attended

16/ Favourite wine/ alcoholic drink- Moijto
17/ What is a fear you have had to overcome – death of a loved one

18/ Where will you be 5 years from now –I have learnt not to live in the future only in the now. Goals 5 years from now, to own a home for my children

19/ have you ever met anyone famous and we can use pics.. – Will Anderson and Adam Spencer…famous – hardly.

20/ What’s the one piece of advice about life you would give others – love and be loving


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